You Can Cold Brew Too

Don't Go There When It's Hot

The heat isn’t really helping anything, is it? Lucky for you, making your own cold brew at home is easy enough you won’t have to elbow your way to the shop counter for your order. 

So maybe you’ve never made cold brew before. No problem, Google and Youtube will return more results on how to make it than you could possibly want. While the methods and advice are pretty similar across articles and channels, there are some important similarities and differences worth highlighting.

Use Filtered Water

For all coffee, hot or cold, whenever you can, always, forever and ever.


Use Coarse Grounds

Like these

Versus the finer grounds you might be used to when brewing it hot.

Medium Roast Arabica (or Robusta)

Your preferred bean and your preferred caffeine intake are the most important variables. Go with whatever you have or like to start. Otherwise, there are helpful tips for which beans to choose.


Firstly, anti-robusta arabica zealots should go for nutty and chocolatey flavors. Secondly, avoid lighter roasts because some notes of their flavor profiles are only extractable with heat. Thirdly, be warned: Cold brew coffee is more caffeinated than hot brew, and robustas usually have more caffeine than arabicas. So, if you’re not used to drinking cold brew — or cold brew made with robusta beans — you’re punching a ticket for a helluva ride.

Which brings me to coffee-to-water ratio.


We suggest Ma Sweet for your cold brewing process. Its low acidity renders perfectly, and the chocolaty tones have an excellent presence when chilled. 

Let Your Heart Rate Be Your Guide

When you’ve settled on a coffee you like, it’s time to get started. While the methods of brewing don’t differ all that much, the ratios certainly do. Most recommended coffee-to-water ratios for cold brew fall somewhere between 1:3 and 1:5. Tweak after you experiment.

If you’re getting into the whipped coffee trend or you prefer iced coffee, you could use robusta cold brew shots like you would espresso to up the caffeine content.

Make It!

Easy: combine, wait, plunge, drink


There are tons of videos out there to guide you through brewing. Good news is it’s not that hard. This’ll show you how to make cold brew with a French press.